The EXCO Team

Daniel Nell B.Compt, CPA,(SA)

Daniel Nell B.Compt, CPA,(SA)

Phone: 011 480 8598

During articles at VNW&W (today part of PwC) Daniel gained M&A experience, successfully negotiating various acquisitions and concluding corporate finance activities on behalf of clients. He later established an investment holding firm, partnering with various private entrepreneurs and successfully concluded various acquisitions in the chemical, motor industry, short-term insurance, infrastructure, logistics and commercial property sectors. Daniel also served on several of the target companies’ boards in various capacities ranging from Chairman, CEO and CFO over a period of more than 20 years. This provided him with extensive experience in business management, strategic decision making, mergers and acquisitions, finance and corporate affairs. Since 2011, Daniel has been an integral part of the Corporate Finance team, where he acts as a transaction advisor focusing on M&A activity.

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