Listing Services

Arbor Capital, through its association with Acaciacap Advisors performs JSE-approved sponsor services to companies listed on the Main Board of the JSE and designated advisor services to companies listed on the Alternative Exchange (“AltX”). The company provides services to its listed clients and assists companies with the process of listing on the JSE as well as with their on-going obligations once listed.

Sponsor Services

Arbor Capital assists with advice on listing, preparing or assisting with required circular work and announcements as well as their continuing obligations as JSE Main Board listed companies to ensure compliance with the JSE Listings Requirements.

At Arbor Capital we focus on achieving successful outcomes, in partnership with our clients. We provide a service based on sound knowledge of the regulatory environment as well as insight into our clients’ industries, businesses and corporate philosophies.

Designated Advisor Services

Arbor Capital advises its clients on their responsibilities when applying for a listing on AltX and on their continuing obligations to maintain their status once listed.

A designated advisor needs to work in a hands-on, pro-active and responsible manner to fulfil the role of guiding the AltX-listed company in its compliance with the JSE Listings Requirements and regulations. At Arbor Capital we have always followed this partnership approach and our preferred mind-set has always been that of an active and interested partner. We foster a close working relationship with our clients and work as part of their teams to achieve the most desirable outcomes.

Fast Track Listings

Where companies are already listed on a recognized exchange for more than 18 months, we can assist with a fast track listing on the JSE.

Fairness Opinions/ Fair and Reasonable Opinions

Listed clients often need fairness opinions for JSE related transactions or fair & reasonable opinions for TRP transactions. Our team is experienced and well positioned to assist with your requirements.

Our Client Experience Includes:

Clients Sponsor

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