Corporate Finance

Arbor Capital provides a range of Corporate Finance services including mergers and acquisitions, fund and capital raising, take-overs, acquisitions, disposals, management buy-outs, strategic negotiations, and corporate restructurings.

Fees are primarily based on outcomes and the level of success achieved on a transaction/project, calculated on a shared-risk basis.

Our services are offered, not as products, but as part of a holistic solution, which incorporates strategy development and execution on behalf of and with our clients.

Our objective is to provide services which contribute meaningfully to our client’s success and to genuine wealth creation in South Africa.

The Arbor Capital team consists of professionals whose specialist skills extend beyond the narrower definition of corporate finance, who add specific industry knowledge and extra geographical and cultural reach.

Through a well-established extended partnership network, Arbor Capital can, at short notice, increase skills and manpower base to ensure effective execution on client projects.

From experience we have learnt, within reasonable bounds, how much time, effort and skill is required to become properly acquainted with our clients’ strategies and objectives and then to execute projects such as mergers, acquisitions, take-overs, listings and restructurings on their behalf.

Our Clients Include:

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